Saturday, July 22, 2006

City Park Could Host the British Open Next Weekend

Above is a picture from this weekend's British Open, being held at Royal Liverpool. Have you watched any of this?

This morning, I took young Cliette for her weekly golf lesson at the City Park Driving Range, so I saw up close what the golf courses look like. Bob Becker, City Park's director, told me at a dinner last week that although they have no staff and no equipment, they hope to open the North Course sometime in August. (I told him I thought it must be pretty hard to run a course with no staff and no equipment. He laughed.)

Anyway, then I saw what the Royal Liverpool course looks like as it hosts the world's greatest golfers. The picture above (Ernie Els looking for his ball) gives you a sense. On the radio, I heard Jim Rome call it a "dog track." I don't know if I'd go that far--and I know "links golf" is a different animal--but the course doesn't exactly blow one away aesthetically.

Which brings me to City Park. Hey! Our municipal course looks just like their world class course!

A little creativity, a little marketing, and bing: the Royal Bayou Oaks Links. The "Royal" part could come from financing from, say, Saudi Arabia or Dubai. And it wouldn't take much financing to turn what's out there now into a links course.

Within weeks, I'd have Berto taking pictures of me during a round looking just like Ernie Els abve. And Berto would be making fun of me as he handed me a can of Miller Lite, the official golfing beer of Dillyberto.

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