Monday, July 17, 2006

In One of His Movies, His Best Friend's Name Was Rubble

I biked over to the Tchoupitoulas Winn-Dixie early yesterday morning to pick up some coffee. As I locked my bike outside, Mr. John Goodman came out of the store alone, clenching a cluster of somewhat heavy grocery bags.

I had heard him on WWL's Spud show on Friday. Mr. Goodman and Spud are currently shooting "The Year without a Santa Claus" in Alexandria. (If it's what I'm thinking, Mr. Goodman will be playing Heat Miser.)

This is the second time I've seen Mr. Goodman in a grocery store. A few years ago, it was in the Metairie Road Langenstein's. I've also seen him at the Fair Grounds Race Course, and I hope to see him again there this fall.

Yesterday, Mr. Goodman loaded his groceries into his black Mercedes, climbed in, and with clear enjoyment lit up a large cigar. At 8:30 on a Sunday morning.

Mr. Goodman spoke highly of New Orleans on the Spud show. I am very happy to see that he has returned to his Garden District home and is making a go of it here. He is a great advocate for the arts and for the film industry here.


Reel Fanatic said...

Thats amazing .. the great mr. goodman has had so many fantastic performances, but I'd have to say his crazy act in "The Big Lebowski" ranks as my favorite

oyster said...

Great pic.

Two things impressed from Goodman's interview, beyond his charm and love for the city and state.

1) he repeatedly emphasized the need for a film studio in the New Orleans area. It clearly pained him that one wasn't in the works-- he could see the lost opportunity.

2) he described the feelings of the rest of the country toward N.O. this way: [most] "feel like a loved one is in the hospital", which I think is a compelling metaphor.

ashley said...

Cigars...the marque of champions.

Mr. Goodman, I can hook you up. I hope you like Habanos.

But as Heat Miser...I don't think so. Jerry Stiller can do it without makeup.

Schroeder said...

That's strong medicine in those rolled tobacco sticks -- communion of another kind, but I'm sure it's all the same to a guy like that who lights up after hauling groceries. May John Goodman live long. He's a good guy.

Schroeder said...

Ashley -- maybe we should talk puros sometime.