Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mid-July Can Mean Only One Thing

Berto is back! After a new parenting-induced hiatus, the handsomer half of Dillyberto is writing again.

Our New Orleans Saints--the blog of the black and gold, philosophy, and bicycling--is warming up for the season with bold but sensible predictions about our upcoming 16 Sundays of Glee, 8 of them in the Louisiana Superdome.

Please visit Berto, consider his prognostications, and wish him continued enjoyment of Lil Berto. (BTW, Lil Berto will shed his pagan ways this Sunday morning and become a papist Christian. I, Mr. Clio/Dilly, have ensured that a keg of Abita Wheat will be on hand for the after-party.) Not sure if Lil Berto is up to drinking Abita yet, but no kegs of breast milk or formula were available.

1 comment:

ashley said...

Sign me up...although the pessimist thinks we'll only win 10 games.

I have something for the other end of the Morris-Wiseman Saints passing tandem of 2028.