Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Harry Lee-style ruminations from Sheriff Jack Strain of St. Tammany Parish:
During an interview with a local television news station last week, Strain said anyone walking the streets with dreadlocks or Chee Wee hairstyles should “expect to be getting a visit from a sheriff’s deputy.”

Strain added, “I don’t want to see temporary housing because of Katrina turn into long-term housing for a bunch of thugs and trash that don’t need to be in St. Tammany Parish.”

The Greater Covington NAACP sent a letter to Strain’s office, demanding he retract his statements as being unconstitutional. Letters were also sent to the offices of U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzalez, apprising them of the situation.

The most newsworthy aspect of the excerpt above?

A. Sheriff Strain seems upset about certain kinds of haircuts.
B. There is such a thing as a "Greater Covington NAACP."
C. There are enough minority citizens in St. Tammany Parish to justify the existence of a Greater Covington NAACP.
D. Both "B" and "C."

If you chose "D," you're correct!

UPDATE: Great letter to the editor today from a Northshore pediatrician whom Dr. Mrs. Clio knew back when the Clio family lived on the Pearl Riviera.


Ned Beatty said...

Northshore and cross burnings?

battling banjo s

berto said...

New New Orleans blogger:


Check him out.

Sophmom said...

Great link in the update. Out of the mouths of babes.

adrastos said...

Loved the multiple choice quiz. Also, the head of the St Tammany NAACP is a very pretty redhead, Annie Spell who is the friend of a friend.

LatinTeacher said...

I guess the folks in Slidell and Mandeville are ok with Sheriff Strain's comments since their NAACP don't seem to be getting involved. It's always that damn Greater Covington area that is the hotbed of discontent (said with a sarcastic grin).