Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ebb Tide

I'll be at the Rising Tide Conference. It is a great idea. I love the name, for historical reasons. I love the poster -- particularly its early 20th Century 'we can do anything' overtones. So, before meeting all the people whose writing I so greatly enjoy to read, I wanted to post one encapsulating time.

In sum, we aren't writing about a storm. We are writing about a rising tide of idiocy. The unpreventable found the preventable, and the predictable dystopia has ensued.

Unlike those coming down here to learn what's going on, we've been enmeshed. Most of us discovered blogging when our cell phones went down and our civilization collapsed around us.

We intellectually put our minds towards grasping the previously unfathomable. We spent sleepless nights uncovering the gargantuan amount of idiocy that had silently eroded the foundations of our lives in New Orleans, the Keystone Kops fiasco that makes me question using the phrase 'government bailout' with any sort of meaning, and finally, the phase we find ourselves in today, which many describe as 'Moving Forward' when in actuality it is the same stale idiocrats with a lifetime hall pass for poor performance. You can tell Chartruesse we aren't blogging about the weather; we are blogging about the old time mistakes, the modern mistakes, the ongoing mistakes and those just about to be made.

While I am in the first person voice, let me thank all of you who read and comment, it has helped my recovery. Our fellow bloggers are some excellent writers, and I know Chris and I both try to write up to the levels of some of you expect of yourselves.

God bless you all. God bless our home. God bless...America.

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