Friday, August 11, 2006

Harry Shearer is a Pit Bull on this Issue, and He's OUR Pit Bull

Mr. Shearer is an honored resident of our city because of takes like this:

Thursday's NYT carried a Susan Saulny story about John McCusker, the TP photographer so depressed he tried to commit "suicide by cop" in New Orleans earlier this week. Here's what she writes: "Then, for months, he lived the misery he had been photographing, having lost his possessions, his family’s home and his entire neighborhood to the hurricane."

I'll bet not. I'll bet there was no wind damage to his possessions, home or neighborhood. I'll bet serious (Scottish) money that he lost all those things to the floods, which occurred when US Government-built flood-control structures failed catastrophically. Please, Susan, if you have to do some fact-checking, read "The Storm" by Ivor van Heerden before you err again. It's almost been a year now, more than enough time to GET IT RIGHT.

Let's join him in making clear what devastated our portion of the Gulf Coast region.


oyster said...

All I can say to that is a hearty: "YES SIR!!"

Zihuatanejo said...

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