Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hope You Can Go; I'm Bummed That I Can't

The Rising Tide Conference. This is going to be great.

Unfortunately, well before it was scheduled, Dr. Mrs. Clio and I decided that a weekend out of town would be a good thing for us and the Clio Kids around this time, as we are not taking any longer vacations this summer. Somehow, I prevailed on Dr. Mrs. Clio that a weekend in Jackson, MS, site of this weekend's Saints vs. Colts preseason game, would be a good idea. Peyton vs. Drew, in Deuce's hometown area, with Reggie Bush slated to play a lot. Plus maybe some shopping and kid activities that aren't yet available in NOLA.

I bought tickets, booked the hotel. Then came the announcement about the Rising Tide Conference. Argh.

Anyway, with the usual suspects, I encourage attendance and participation. I really regret that I can't be there. But at least it's for the Saints (and fun for the Dr. Mrs. and the Clio Kids).


borat said...

Борат Сагдыев

Mr. Melpomene said...

I'll be there, just don't have that cool logo merchandise of some fellow bloggers.
I'll also be posting a final blog entry before the trip to NO that will cover at least some of the things I'd like to say without taking up other's time to actually say it.

Maybe you can have a meeting in Jackson and call it Ebb Tide?

Anonymous said...

over under 6/10 -7/9 what do you think?

i could live with it in a rebuilding year.