Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Feel Honored to Post This on Something I'm in Charge of

I've listened to and enjoyed Billy Delle on WWOZ since I was in college. Until tonight, I didn't even know how to spell his last name.

I read Tim's Nameless Blog just now, and followed his link to Jivin' Gene. And then I realized I had only ever HEARD Billy Delle and had never seen his name in print or found his stuff on OZ's website.

Now I have, and I feel more complete as a human being.

New Orleans is World Class because of WWOZ. And WWOZ is World Class because of Billy Delle.

Here's the best part of the little bio that is all "best parts":
Billy Delle admits to owning close to 50,000 L.P.'s and 45's. His passion for the hobby was fueled by amazing garage sale finds " couldn't get records from Little Richard ot Fats Domino in good condition," says Billy "... cause everybody would play 'em."

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