Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Life Tosses a Curve

So my paying-job-and-family-filled schedule offered me an unexpected opportunity to frequent an excellent local establishment for about 20 minutes this evening.

As I enjoyed a beverage on my own, I saw a certain recent candidate for public office in the uncrowded saloon.

Based on my readings of this gentleman's campaign material (see the link above), I expected to see a whacked-out, medicated looking dude.

Instead, I saw a well-groomed man sitting at the bar, talking on his cell phone. I don't think he was drinking an alcoholic beverage. He looked, well, normal.

Not the kind of guy I expected to be the source of "an intimate relationship was established."

I must admit: I didn't approach him for a conversation.

P. S. Don't judge this guy. Pray for him and his family. His work has been a blessing for all of us. His reward? Getting hosed by insurance companies and the gubmint. Also, pray for the health of the cop who got hurt.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mckuskers photos kept my fire burning for the three weeks i was in exile. check his work at the t.p site.

i think yall should talk about him at rising tide.

please let me know if there is a way to help him other than what we are already doing i.e. prayers.

thank you .