Monday, August 07, 2006

New Orleans Blogosphere, take note...

What do you think?


Maitri said...

Finally, we have a vested interest in blogging.. or what we’re calling in this case Citizen’s Media. On the ground reporting from folks that don’t have a mainstream media connection will produce what I hope to be some raw and challenging footage and thoughts that will show us what the current state of affairs in New Orleans really is.

Hmmm ... I wonder what we NOLA bloggers have been doing over the past year. I've been schooled. Guess we should just shut down our blogs.

Then again, outsider perspective that is not MSM is not necessarily a bad thing. They may want to emphasize that on their blog.

greg said...

Yeah, they'll gome down for a couple of weeks and get to the bottom of everything.

Mr. Clio said...

My reaction is similar to those above. A little offense at the missionary mentality, but some happiness that they're interested and are coming.

Ray in New Orleans said...

It torqued me pretty bad when I first read it, but I think their hearts are probably in the right place. They just haven't done their research is all. Wouldn't be the first time that a bunch of New Media types are blinded by their own impressive selves.

Hopefully they'll engage the local blogger community and something really good will come out of it.

If they don't...fuck 'em. Sinn Fein.

jeffrey said...


Ray in New Orleans said...

Has anybody taken a look at the bizarre rant that kicked off this Chartreuse person coming down to save us from The Man?

I don't know what to think about this. Yeah, there are problems with the police down here, there always have been. The FEMA policy about media access to the trailer residents is old news and largely resolved.

But I'm thinking WTF? Machine guns and concentration camps?

Who the hell are these Blog Herald people anyway?

Mr. Melpomene said...

Hopefully reporting what they see, even if it is the dullness of reality and the inertial inaction as opposed to some rumor and myth stupidity.

They probably are too ADD to believe the truth is a slow demise. But we'll see --

Adrastos said...

It will take them a week just to find the proverbial bathroom. It's a farce.

chartreuse said...

Here's the deal.

I was born and raised in New Orleans. I got that email from a trusted friend who works for a respected organization in the city.

Here's what you in New Orleans need to realize. The average person thinks everything is fine and dandy because we all gave money 6 months ago.

What I hoped to do by sending some people down there is to bring some perspective and attention to the current situation in the Gulf region.
What would you rather me do? My efforts have at least gotten people talking who had originally forgotten about the city.

In order for more people to find and read the bloggers already talking about it they need to care about it in the first place.

I'm really shocked at the negative attitude some are displaying. I personally emailed several bloggers in the region so my people could talk to them. (Email me if you would like to be interviewed)

Anyway, that's the story. I'm just a guy with a blog who heard some crazy stories and decided to send some people down to see what was really happening.

Why that is offensive to some I don't understand.

Alan Gutierrez said...

No punk, here's the deal:

You and your sentiments are not welcome.

Here's what you need to realize; you do not tell these people what they need realize.

I would not subject my friends or neighbors to your disaster tourism. We are fatigued from round after round of acedemic surveys and self-appointed reporters. We are not here for you to interview. People are suffering from post-trauma and don't need to have you bop in and ask them to retell their Katrina stories for the sake of your site meter.

You sent some of us email? Cute. This is an attention economy. If you want to help, you can communicate with locals, read our local media, read our blogs, leave comments in our blogs and link to us. You can read what we are writing and convey that to your readers, you can link to us, as we've linked to you and commented, many of us grudgingly polite, although you've insulted us.

You grew up here? Then what's with the photograph of Tropical Isle in the morning with a man sweeping up the gutter pus? What was your childhood like? That's the New Orleans of a frat boy.

Your tour is billed with pictures of Katrina, a year after. You show a photograph of a man carrying a baby in front of the Superdome. Although "We Are Not OK", people are no longer crowded in the Superdome. You purport to get to the truth of New Orleans, yet your billing your tour with mainstream sensationalism warmed over. You are using photo montage of our suffering to gather the funds for your trip to St. Charles Ave.

It's cheap.

It's cheap. It's lazy. You have done no research.

You are not prepared to visit New Orleans in any capacity except as a tourist. Do not ask questions of people about Katrina for your little blog. It's rude. You are rude. They way you have addressed us here is rude.

I would never, ever introduce you to anyone that I know in New Orleans, because you are rude, and you would offend my friends and you would humiliate me.

I would not mistake your blogging community as one that could help New Orleans. They are good people, I am sure, but you are obviously not the way to reach them. I would not go through you to reach your audience.

I promise to introduce them to a New Orleans blogger every seven day if they subscribe to Blogometer. I promise to introduce them to true friend of New Orleans blogger every seven days if they subscribe to Blogometer.

Your efforts have gotten a bunch of people talking utter nonsense about our city. The bloggers are coming! The bloggers are coming! If they are unaware, then who are your to make them aware? You are off in an echo chamber. Yours is a chattering elite with time and money to go form one BarCamp to the next, to take workshops in self-aggrandizement, to marvel at your own ability to mill web pages that echo the narrow sliver of the news cycle to which your tiny mind clings.

You make me sick with people cheering you on, as if information about New Orleans were not a Google search away. Your creating a false scarcity that you can address by dispatching your friends, and littering your pleas for funds and attention with disaster porn.

"I'm just a guy with a blog who heard some crazy stories and decided to send some people down to see what was really happening.", you say. I do hope that this is made exceedingly clear to the people you approach in Louisiana.

What would I rather you do? Cease and desist.

Maitri said...

"The average person thinks everything is fine and dandy because we all gave money 6 months ago."

No, according to today's, the average person doesn't think everything is fine and dandy. In fact, 82% ( think that things are not ok. However, what we need is not for people to see what is going on, we need for them to come down here and WORK with us.


You are telling us what WE in New Orleans have to understand? You have to understand that We Are Not Ok and not a piece for this Alternative Media News Reporting that Blog Herald has just discovered. We have no use for the periodicity of the news cycle when we have a city to save along with the help of people who live here or have moved here to push with us.

For we are tired of "news teams" coming to this city to report on what we have been LIVING, REPORTING and INVESTIGATING since days before the storm, while telling us that we're not doing it.

If you want to come here and help, get your hands dirty, gut houses, walk around in the sweltering heat and identify blighted housing, fight for affordable utilities and housing, take clothes and food to the heat-struck and frustrated, attend neighborhood and planning meetings, cry in frustration that this is happening to your city and smile at the little advances, plead EVERYDAY to the nation to HELP New Orleans and not just keep it in your thoughts and prayers, then you are welcome. That's the news - write about it.

"Anyway, that's the story. I'm just a guy with a blog who heard some crazy stories and decided to send some people down to see what was really happening. Why that is offensive to some I don't understand."

I am just a girl with a blog who LIVES the crazy stories and goes out everyday to see what is really happening. We are all just people with blogs who do this. Respect this and do a little bit of internet research before sending people down here to ferret out the truth, as if the rest of us are sitting on our hands not talking, sweating and begging for help, not just attention, everyday.

Work with us, not against us. Please.

Adrastos said...

Good stuff, Maitri. Another point to be made is how many bloggers are very active in the community. The UNOP session was teeming with blogger/activists. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a blogger...

Mr. Melpomene said...

Seems we have hit a hot button, here.

Let's see what happens when this group comes down here, I think their perspective could be interesting if they are not a bunch of phonies. We can always comment on what they say in their forumn or here.
I sincerely doubt they will find some sort of hidden Halliburton run Auschwitz lurking in the shadows, but if they do... just put its location on Google Earth and we'll send a team of wise men to photograph the site.

I think what is frustrating so many people is that the complete clusterfuck that is going on right now is a) not photographable, b) not easily understandable unless you know the players in the cluster and c) sprinkled with out of town egos with messiah complexes who are only encouraging the cluster to grandstand.

It totally sucks that 49 and a half states are full of people who look at a half million or so Americans in despair and say, "Well, Goddamn right you shouldn't re-build it, damn city was under sea level" as cluckingly proud of their genius as if they have just cracked the atom live on American Idol.

I dread the MSMs take on the anniversary. I dread being back on the front pages. It is like celebrating the anniversary of the Preppie Murder. Whoppee! roll that file footage. Let's see if we can find people willing to cry on live TV.

The whole community is not, nor does it aspire to be, a global freak show.

To our visitors, please travel to be in New Orleans. When you sweat in the sun, picture being miserably hot, hungry, dehydrated and surrounded with evil water. Picture watching Air Force One slowly circling overhead like a buzzard.

Would you be angry?

Anger is based upon the empty promises and the bigoted contempt with which our country holds a mostly poor, poorly educated, but defiantly proud city of ruins that only wants to rise up, simply to rise up and be treated with respect.

greg said...

Hey, he's spending *$1000* of *his own money* so show some respect. Maybe he'll let us pick a post to put on his blog! (makes jerk-off motion)

judyb said...

people will believe anything, won't they. Jeesh