Thursday, August 10, 2006

News Hounds: Fox Suggests That the Citizens of New Orleans are Potential Terrorists

This is too strange to comment upon.


Marco said...

The continual manipulation of national/international ADS.

Maitri said...

You remember the ramifications from New Orleans, that a lot of dissatisfied people here could ultimately join up with the Muslims or sympathize with them.

a. While it in no way excuses their killing, how does he think terrorists become terrorists in the first place? It is this abject lack of understanding of the psychology of political violence that promotes nonsense statements and resultant misunderstanding.

b. New Orleans's dissatisfied would have to be motivated beyond a four-block radius. Also, if this is a perceived threat, what are you going to do about it? Obviously nothing, but let it fester. Shitwits all.

jeffrey said...

You know... we could all become terrorists... but it might be easier to just never elect another Republican to anything ever. But then.. that's probably what he's afraid of in the first place.