Monday, August 28, 2006

Skimpy Progress

Where did all the prostitutes in such skimpy attire come from and how is this going to help us fill the convention center with Doctors, Lawyers, Car Dealers, Wireless Companies, the World of Cement, etc.?

On the other hand a long visit to Lakeview has shown that 'sweat equity' beats the LRA. The impression is one of work being done and progress breaking through the unbearable blight. It is many years from being Mayberry again, but the results of hard work are visible.

Brickbats to KTVT-TV 11 from Dallas from setting up their sattelite truck to broadcast from the corner of Mouton and Canal using the homes destroyed by December's F2 tornado as a backdrop. Yes, it is vivid, and glad to note that there is massive destruction in areas that don't sound hip when you say them like "Lower nine", but the only reason that dozens of people weren't killed in that disaster was because they were wiped out before. I wish they had picked a ray of hope, like the newly renovated and landscaped home across the street.

Finally, as noted on my mobile blog, there is nothing like a cold Abita, dozen raw oysters and a seafood platter with Softshell's at Desire except maybe a Ruben and Pimm's cup at Napoleon House. World Class cuisine never left.



Miles Long said...

I haven't seen a single skimpy-clothed prostitute. Am I in the wrong place?

Mr. Melpomene said...

9 on Saturday at the Sonesta. I am no prude, being quite Libertarian ; but even for Bourbon St. It was over the top and all over.