Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ashley's 'n Da Paper, Dawlin'! And other notes.

1. A lovely picture of Mrs. Ashley, three great kids, and that other guy runs on the front page of the Living section today. The accompanying article gives some well-deserved attention for a great story for our city and for the Morris family, who add so much to the rebuilding effort. We in the Black and Gold Bike Patrol will be proud to count Ashley in our number in section 635 this season.

2. Now that Chris Rose is whining less, I'm finding him much more readable. Today he goes after Mayor Curly, whom Rose dubs "Car 54." The whole essay is good, but I especially liked these lines:
I worry about the influence Car 54's famous new friends are having on him, all those folks from up north.
From Jesse Jackson he has learned: Blame it on somebody else.
And from George Bush he has learned: Pretend it isn't happening.
3. Five-sixths of the Clio family participated in the Bridge run yesterday. I ran it while pushing Clio IV in a jog stroller. Yeah, I'm 40, but I finished in 37:12, good enough for 145th place out of a couple thousand. With a jog stroller. Up a big hill. Did I mention that I'm 40? (A kid I taught in high school finished 3rd. That'll put me in my place.) I have to admit I got a little emotional on the uphill, because I was thinking about those people who tried to flee the flood and anarchy after the storm, only to be turned around by police firing guns in the air. Shallow being that I am, by the time I got to the downhill, I had moved on to more pressing matters, like breathing hard and not letting the jog stroller go. I think that uphill twinge was a small precursor of what I will feel in the SacreDome on September 25. Note to LatinTeacher: Out of fear of wind conditions on the bridge, Lee de Fleur did not participate in the race. Lee is planning an apperance in the next couple of weeks. If you know what I mean.


LatinTeacher said...

Congrats on your excellent time. Should we alert the media on Lee de Fleur's next appearance? Those pictures from the Classic were awesome.

bigshot said...

Hey Clio, if Lee's next appearance is at the Sacredome, then he may want to advise the Saints in advance. I'd hate for President Bush's secret service to put a nix on the costume for some made up security reason.

Mr. Clio said...

Thanks for your concern, bigshot.

Lee's current plans are to ride a bike to the game with the Black and Gold Bike Patrol, appear outside the Dome, then store the costume in a strategic location and go inside the Dome in a fine yellow jumpsuit. Security should not be a concern, unless jumpsuits and white shrimp boots have joined liquids as being suspicious.

ginger schnapps said...

Congrats Mr. C on the race and the STAINS (w). Most importantly, glad to hear you hung on to the Clio IV was too!

saintseester said...

Section 635... My seester and I will be in section 637 (way up) - hopefully we'll see you at the beer line.