Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Houston / New Orleans : Deal or No Deal?

They get all of our engineers and lawyers, but they have Ron Dayne at running back.

We get a tourism-based economy, but we have Reggie Bush at running back.


ashley said...

And, they have to live in Houston.

berto said...

Reggie Bush is one of the draws in this tourism based economy. That's why Mr. Benson is talking about the 65,000 seats sold!!!!!!!!!

Bloody s for a night game?????

They can have our engineers that constructed the failed Dome roof.


They can have our entire Corps of Engineers.

ashley said...

Exactly. We get Tim of Tim's nameless blog, and they get the corpse. We get Reggie and they get Mario. We get Po Boys and they get Subway. We get gumbo and they get Campbell's. We get shotguns and camelbacks, and they get PVC planned communities.

I done made my choice.

Nabil said...

Er, yeah, but can we have some of our engineers and lawyers back? We need the population.