Sunday, September 03, 2006

Planning Ahead

First, it is incredible and reassuring that Deutsches Haus EXISTS in New Orleans--and it exists not just anywhere, but on Galvez Street. Second, not only does it exist, but it THRIVES post-levee failure--thanks to hard work and support from other volks around the world. It will stage Oktoberfest this year. (Check that latter link. It has a cool countddown.)

Prepare. Make sure your vehicle is ready to jump the neutral ground so that you can get a good parking place.

Finally, I note that my favorite NOLA piano and organ player, Joe Krown, is headed for Germany during early Oktober. Can you blame him? Wish I could be there.

NOTE to Mr. and Mrs. Melpomene: From what I hear, you will be here in October. And I am fairly certain that there is German heritage in the Melpomene blood. (What???? A German Muse???) This means that there is a moral imperative that we hoist large beers together on Galvez Street late at night in October.)


ashley said...

Last Wednesday, the Oyster and I enjoyed some fine Cuban leaf and heard the dulcet tones of Mr. Krown at Dos Jefes.

Life is good.

Mr. Clio said...

You're hurting me, bra.

These kids are growing up quickly, thank goodness.

Mrs. Berto (or is it Dilly?) said...

The Dillyberto family will be there. Oktoberfest is considered a sporting event, right?

gingerschnapps said...

Das ist Wunderbar!! I don't know if Mr. M is going to be in town with me, but count me in fo show.