Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shearer Noticed Too

Harry Shearer riffed on the same New York Times article I blogged about the other day concerning cowardly Craig Miller and "Ruth's" Chris Steakhouse.

Shearer highlights Miller's comment about the rebuilding of New Orleans: "That's not my job."

On the upside, Shearer finds a silver lining in what's supposed to be the dark corporate cloud hanging over New Orleans:
[The Times writer Joe]Nocera bemoans the fact that "Before the storm New Orleans was home to 23 public companies, a pretty paltry number to begin with. Now it's down to 17." Given the fact, printed ubiquitously, that small business is responsible for the lion's share of job creation in the US, and given the new definition of corporate responsibility, maybe a paltry number of public companies isn't such a bad thing. Of the businesses in the city that have come back, come up and come into being, the first and the best have been small, locally-owned firms.

I'm with the people who advocate buying local when at all possible. There's a hidden high cost to "always the low price" mass production and long supply lines: zero loyalty to place, total rootlessness. Bleck.

The big companies will move in when it makes sense for them to do so. In the mean time, let's build the highest quality of life possible by relying on people with faces and hearts and souls.


ashley said...

"A philosophy drawn from the collected works of Freddie Prinze."

And Nocera is Jack Albertson.

Maybe Miller will change the music on his web page to Jose Feliciano.

Mr. Melpomene said...

A gentle reminder that Ruth's Chris is all over the country, but so are their competitors, don't forget to continue the boycott on the road, there are great steaks at Smith and Wollensky, the Palm, and many others around the world.

As for this velociraptor's ethics, mark my words, his date with unemployment is coming. We'll be here to celebrate when it does.

ashley said...

Smith and Wollensky bailed on us too. I say vote Morton's if your'e out of the city.

Anonymous said...


Morton's pulled out of the West Bank long ago like Pee Wee in a dirty movie

ashley said...

Yeah, but they moved to Canal St.