Thursday, September 28, 2006

What I Learned on Monday, September 25, 2006

If anyone's still listening, I apologize for being a little slow to post. As Berto pointed out to me, there was a real dearth of detailed posting by NOLA bloggers on the day after the game. Emotional exhaustion plus real life intervening plus raw hangovers, no doubt.

Anyway, here are some things I learned:

  1. A bloody mary at Fat Harry’s is a good thing.
  2. If you wear a large foam rubber fleur-de-lis costume while biking down St. Charles Avenue toward downtown New Orleans, more than half of the people driving nearby will honk, wave, smile, and say “Go Saints!”
  3. Bloggers like Ashley, Oystah, Saintseester, Big Shot, Humid Haney, and Berto are fun to hang out with.
  4. Bloggers like Ashley, Oystah, and Big Shot will make you enter a Saints Fan Costume Contest if you have on a large foam rubber fleur-de-lis costume.
  5. It doesn’t feel bad to come in third place in said contest, if you lose to two guys dressed as Saints gladiators and a Saints Nacho Libre guy holding his young daughter. Also, the third place prize (a cool Reggie Bush autograph photo and plaque) will make you a hero to your 11-year-old son, Clio III.
  6. Green Day and U2 sound a lot better when they’re backed by Rebirth, New Birth, and Trombone Shorty. (Check out the video here.)
  7. Steve Gleason shocked the world and almost tore the Dome down with that punt block. Steve Gleason has become one of us. Steve Gleason was on the field when Hakim dropped the ball and Brian Milne recovered, and now he made the biggest play in Saints’ history. Steve Gleason wore a Defend New Orleans t-shirt during his post-game press conference comments. Steve Gleason said when he was gone from New Orleans, he missed Juan’s Flying Burrito.
  8. The Saints Are Coming. The Saints Are Here. The Dome is Our House. Tiger Stadium is but a nauseating memory now.
  9. Jumpsuits are much more comfortable in the Dome than in Tiger Stadium
  10. Luther’s is gone from the Dome, replaced by some joint that served me a nasty McRib sandwich.

Anthony, our reliable and kind beer vendor near section 635, was not there Monday night. I hope he’s got a better job now; he was really good at his last job.

It was more than just a football game. I have worked even harder over the past few days and have a new sense of endurance. We really are world class. We really are different. We really can make this work.

Taking care of the little things is critical. Sean Peyton’s Saints do that. We have to do that. St. Bernard Parish is getting twice-a-week trash service next week. St. Bernard Parish is to be commended, as it was part of the Gulf of Mexico 13 months ago. Are you listening, Mayor Nagin?

World class talent will come here if we make our case the right way. Right, Coach? Right, Mr. Brees? Right Mr. Bush? (Yes, money talks, but so does passion.)


Marco said...

Very well put. Push on.

saintseester said...

Like I've been telling people here, do you see what great strides people can make if you just get them BACK INTO their home?

rick in gentilly said...

so that was you i saw on channel 6 coming in third. very cool. i wasnt sure and thought you may have started a wave of clones with your c.c.c. appearance.