Monday, October 16, 2006

Emeril's Factors into the Saints' Story Again

From Peter King, who's been very good to our city this year:
Sunday night, Drew Brees, speaking from Emeril's, is talking about what is happening in New Orleans. The crowd at the bar rose to give Brees and some mates an ovation, then the crowd in the entire place stood.

"I can't tell you how happy I am, we all are, to be helping this city in some small way,'' Brees said. "To be here right now, it's ... it's unimaginable. We even had some Eagles fans come up to us and congratulate us. One of them said to me: 'We hate losing, but we couldn't have been beaten by a better team, in a better city.' That made me proud.''

What a half hour. What a day.



jeffrey said...

More than one Eagles fan had similar things to say to us in the Dome after the game. Pretty classy for the folks who boo Santa, don't you think?

ashley said...

As I recall, Mr. King purchased 4 season tickets.

Who dat?

And besides, the Philly fans got to go to the quarter in Oyster season. Not a bad tradeoff.

Anonymous said...

Emeril's is significantly better than the replicators on the shuttle craft.

But they can't make a Philly cheesesteak

HammHawk said...

Interesting comments. One of my favorite things about past Saints seasons is that we've always been able to defuse the trash-talking visitors by acknowledging that, yes, they did kick our ass. Along the lines of Ashley's point, my wife always likes to remind me after a defeat that they have to go back to Indianapolis or Green Bay, but we get to stay here. We then encourage them to spend as much as possible while they're here. I like being gracious fans.

But this year, there aren't nearly as many visiting fans (jeez, it's nice not being drowned out by chants of ATL or whatever), and we're doing the consoling. We always try to be ambassadors for the city, and it's easy because we're completely honest when we tell them that we want them to have a damn good time while they're here.

And yes, Peter King has been a champ.