Sunday, October 22, 2006

A hard crime to fathom...

You people are going to think I am nuts...but I went to go see my shrink this week and his last name is -- no joke -- Muse. God is a comedian and irony is part of his canvas.

Well the topic of my visit was my recurring symptoms of PKSD, which most recently manifested itself in a series of nightmares triggered from watching Tom Hanks in Castaway and the news of the grisly murder/dismemberment in New Orleans.

I don't know if there is a common thread between the two, other than being over the horizon of civilization, but both hit me at a low moment.

The article today about the Hall murder is on target, it could have been just a horrible drug/alcohol/post Iraq story without the hurricane and debacle afterwards, but it is not, and it never will be.

When the fabric is ripped asunder, the frayed edges are exposed.


oyster said...

Chris Rose says that pills help.

Mr. Melpomene said...

so does the merlot

Coach Joe Cullen said...

how about a nekkid run thru Wendy's?

Mr. Melpomene said...

My naked body has too much in common with a triple cheeseburger already. Yikes

Zihuatanejo said...

Now is your chance:

It is ashamed that this country has lost focused on what is important during these election debates. On every major media source, on line, radio and TV talk shows, everyone is talking about the war this, or the war that.. It make me mad that nobody is talking about Katrina, New Orleans, the gulf coast and FEMA and how this administration clearly showed its true colors at home in a time when it was even more important than most of the Iraq stuff. Here is what I am going to be posting at these sites:

"Some people might consider all this "stay the course" and other Iraq war talk debatable. But, when you look at how this administration handled Katrina and the Gulf coast it becomes very clear how incompetent they are at governing and taking care of the real important issues. The issues at home. More than 750,000 people lost their homes. Many of them still have no relief and the billions spent on recovery was mostly sucked up by Halliburton and other middle companies that were not from the devastated areas. Small businesses that were ruined in the disaster areas have not received the relief they were promised. Why should Halliburton and other cozy companies, receive the lion's share of relief dollars? Why were people left stranded for days?

The biggest thing these guys want to do right now is steer the national debates away from this foul up. lets not let them do this. You guys should go to these web-sites and help keep these important issues alive in these discussions. Speak up New Orleans! Call in on these national radio shows and ask the question "Why aren't we talking about Katrina, Fema, and Global warming?"