Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Sense of What We Add to America

A fellow Orleanian said to me earlier this year, with tears in her eyes: "We're the soul of America."

Even President Bush, in his speech at Jackson Square (don't EVER forget the promises he made there) said that one can't imagine America without New Orleans.

So here's a little experiment.

Green Day's song, "When September Ends."

Listen to the original version, with Rhapsody or iTunes or whatever.

Then listen to this version (also, see the YouTube clip below), from the Dome, which includes a little New Orleans brass (if you can call Rebirth and Trombone Shorty "little") backing up Green Day. Then tell me which one is better.

The first one's a nice song. The second one (which admittedly includes the Edge's great guitar) is THE FREAKIN' DEAL. Whatever it is that those brass players, and the crowd, add to the performance--that's what we bring to America.

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LatinTeacher said...

I cried again. But besides When September Ends, The Saints are Coming was twice as good with the brass.