Thursday, November 16, 2006

Carson Palmer : Football :: Alan Richman : Restaurants

Carson Palmer, Bengals' QB, on the Saints in today's T-P:
"They don't have a ton of superstars, other than Reggie Bush, really."


I'm a Bush fan, but based on performance so far, he's not even in the top 3 players on the Saints (Brees, Deuce, and Colston are clearly ahead of him). The point here isn't to down Bush. The point is that we've got a lot of good players (add Fujita, J. Brown, Horn), coached well. And Mr. Palmer will find that out the hard way on Sunday.

Transferred to the realm of eating, Palmer's ignorant statement is like saying (Richman-style) about New Orleans: "They don't have a ton of good cuisine, other than blackened redfish, really."

Reggie Bush and blackened redfish are both good, but there's a lot more going on here in their respective realms.

I will enjoy the view from the Terrace of Will Smith and Charles Grant taking care of Mr. Palmer this Sunday. (Too bad Mr. Smith and Mr. Grant won't be able to treat Mr. Richman the same way.)


Big__Shot said...

Good point. I would pay top dollar to watch Charles Grant sack Alan Richman. Check that, I would pay top dollar to watch Rickey Jackson drive his car fast and hit Alan Richman as he tries to cross the street.

elbuzzard said...

I hope Mr. Grant and Mr. Smith watch The Karate Kid this week and listen to the Cobra Kai. Sweep the leg.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. elbuzzard/cheap-shot fan extraordinaire trips coming out of his trailer, smashes his face and misses the game.

jeffrey said...

Keep in mind, Palmer doesn't have to prepare to face the Saints' offense... so he can't be expected to know what he's talking about there.

Mr. Clio said...

True, Mr. Jeffrey, but this Palmer statement makes great bulletin board material. I hope the Saints are using it.

ashley said...

I think that by the term "superstar" Carson Daly means "guy who draws attention to himself and pisses off the team but doesn't perform that well".

Like "ocho cinco".

So let's just move forward. ;^)