Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clearing the Air.

Here is a link to more detail about the air service problem.

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Anonymous said...

I really can't understand what the deal is with the airlines at this point. Try, right now, to go to an airline site and buy a ticket into NO for this weekend arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday-Southwest and Delta are basically booked solid and the other carriers are so booked that the weekend, overnight rate is at $1000 or more (yes, I can find ways around the rack rate-I do it all of the time-but getting out of here, particularly on Sunday pm or Monday morning, has gotten really difficult and unless you plan way, way, ahead-really expensive. Were there a few more peak hour flights or if they were running big planes again (excepting SW, who only runs one kind of plane) things would begin to improve. It's very expensive getting here and getting out of here. This is not serving our business or tourist industry very well. It's time for these guys to step up and help out.