Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Levees Are a Nonnegotiable Improvement Item, Ladies and Gentlemen

A friend/coworker was just noting to me on Friday that there hadn't been much coverage in the T-P lately on the status of our levees. That was a concern.

Well, they stepped up today, and the news makes me angry. Really angry.

Like, Al-Qaeda angry.

(UPDATE: I'm close to going Chinese on this issue.)

The Army Exquisite Corpse is doing it on the cheap again. They aren't armoring the levees.

Here's what Robert Bea says:
"But if it was my world and I didn't have much money, I'd get out there with Visqueen and start nailing the damn stuff down [in order to armor the levees]. That pile of dirt won't do what you want unless you protect it. We need to secure what we've got, and it's irresponsible not to."

The article indicates a situation that reeks not of a lack of leadership, but of stinking, self-serving leadership. Bush and his minions are leading, alright. They're leading people to pay attention to gay marriage and xenophobic immigration-related fears and other irrelevancies.

Once again, we are reminded of Morris's Law:
We ignore at our own peril the fact that the terrorists blew up the levees.

The terrorists bombed the levees, and we need to mobilize all of our courage and know-how in order to secure our levees. Placing levee protection, wetlands restoration, and anti global warming measures anywhere but the at the top of the agenda only gives aid and support to the terrorists. If you don't support levee protection, then the terrorists have won.

Here's what one of the ACOE guys has to say:
"We want to make the best use of our money." Everybody wants to do that. I think implied in that statement are the words "limited and inadequate" inserted in front of "money."

The people at continue to be on top of this. We need to stay educated and support them. Please join their group here.

UPDATE TWO: In honor of Oystah's excellent post, I offer this:

The gay illegal immigrants and gay terrorists blew up the levees!!! The gay illegal immigrants and gay terrorists blew up the levees!!! The gay illegal immigrants and gay terrorists blew up the levees!!!

Remember, here's what the Dutch have:

We have this:


ashley said...

You know, if you really really analyze it, the terrorists are responsible for the levee failure.

That is, if you define terrorist the way I do.

Richie McWhite said...

So, you're throwing in with the Dutch communists, are you?


ashley said...

Mr. McWhite, please crawl back into your hole, sir. Oh, and FYYFF.

Anonymous said...

What is this?