Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Roundup

1. Mrs. Dr. Clio and I kicked off our weekend by stopping by a Daiquiris on the Deck party thrown by Humid Haney and Proto-Mrs. Humid Haney. Their hospitality and other friends were great. I drank something called an Ass Kicker or a Kickass or something. Kind of a bubble-gum snowball-flavored daiquiri.

Then Mrs. Dr. and I ran off to see Borat, which is so funny I believe it can cause injury and death. Anyway, before the film, we got in line directly behind a member of the New Orleans Saints football club. We didn't bother him, but I note that he was extremely kind to everyone who approached him to speak. I believe our sighting of him is a good omen for today's game against the Bengals; he's going to have a big game. I'll not reveal his name for now, but here's a pic of the back of his head:

2. I really enjoyed Jeffrey's deconstruction of the who dey / who dat distinction. His work on that, plus the Saints' quick run to 6 wins, has led me to forgive him for his surly attitude about the Saints.

3. I harbor worries about the Saints' defense now, in the same way I harbor worries about aspects of our resurrection in New Orleans. All it takes, though, is a big day to revive my spirits; perhaps the defense will step up today. Also, perhaps the LRA will manage to get out more than 28 checks to people by Thanksgiving.

4. This story about new Congressperson Carol Shea-Porter is truly extraordinary. She is from New Hampshire, but she volunteered here after Katrina and the levee failures. Now she considers herself to be a "voluntary eighth member" of the Louisiana delegation. This person GETS IT. She understands that the failures here are national failures, and that what happened here is an indication that the federal government and the MBA administration of President Bush are woefully unprepared to perform the bare minimum functions that we expect of government. I am grateful for Representative Carol Shea-Porter.

5. I found this YouTube video. A guy apparently spent Katrina in the parking garage of Beau Rivage. Whoa. Also, I want our Mississippi brothers and sisters to know that they are earning and truly deserve a World Class recovery. The national media haven't given them enough attention, and I can assure them that it's not because we don't want them to have attention. They deserve all the spotlight that they can get.


Anonymous said...

i had our boys picked at 6 and 10 preseason.

new coach, quarterback, runningback, and widereciever.

rebuilding year.

dont get in a funk over this loss.
the boys are gonna go 8 or 9 wins with the new years eve game being like the first atlanta game..

not to shabby for a rebuilding year.

what ever the outcome these boys are for real.

at least they scraped out some winning games for a freshman team as oppossed to teams in the past who would not have even given them selves a shot at a win.

these bless you boys at least go down swinging as a team as oppossed to previous teams who were more worried about individual stats

i allways hated the saints fans call of wait untill next year.

but this year i actually feel it is a reality as opposssed too the balm its been in the past

what do you think.?

slate said...

That video was remarkable. Thanks. The guy got really quiet after a while. I hope he had food with him. Wow.