Friday, November 24, 2006

What's the Spanish word for "Throne"?

New Orleans is a food mecca, but two areas of dining where we need help are in barbecue and Mexican food. The barbecue scene here is improving somewhat. In Mexican cuisine, we still cannot match south Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, or California. However, Taqueria Corona is one place of which we can be proud.

The original location on Magazine Street is the one the Clios frequent. It has many charms, not least of which is the fact that the phone number remains unlisted. Since the storm, the place is cleaner than ever. The bathrooms (well, I should say "bathroom," since I'm only familiar with the one for hombres) are recently renovated as well.

One thing that the renovation didn't change was the, um, elevated nature of the toilet in the men's bathroom. The urinal is at ground level. However, if you are a man and you need to have a seat, you must climb in order to do so. That puts your knees at about eye-level for anyone who might walk in, so I highly recommend locking the door.

Anyway, this is an odd post, but the picture seems appropriate to post on the day after we all spent a lot of time eating and drinking.


Anonymous said...

Who s**ts at Taqueria Corona?

nolagrit said...

i also took a photo of this potty several years ago. everytime i take a new person to eat there i always make sure they check it out ;-)