Thursday, November 09, 2006

Withdraw, Mr. Jefferson. Withdraw.

Please. Save yourself and your backers a lot of money, money that could be put toward human need or real economic activity. Save Ms. Carter and her backers a lot of money, more money that could be put toward human need and real economic activity.

Save us the time we'll spend watching your avoid-the-real-issue advertisements. Save us the time we'l spend going to the polls to run you out of your ego-stroking, pocket-filling job in Washington, D.C.

Representative William Jefferson, remember Edwin Edwards in 1987! Retire. Withdraw. Cease. Desist.

Join my campaign. Go here to ask Mr. Jefferson to withdraw. (They've set it up in a pretty tricky way. You may actually have to put in an address in his district in order to contact him.)

Here's what I wrote:

Mr. Jefferson, this is a critical time for our city, state, and region.
I am asking you to do the honorable thing and withdraw from the runoff election.

I am not asking you to do this because of the current investigation regarding your dealings with a high-tech company. I am asking you to do this because you have had enough time in your position.

Is our city better off as the result of your service? I do not believe that it is.

You are an intelligent, talented person, and I believe your talents would serve you and the community well in private industry. I encourage you to pursue that route.

Please save yourself and your backers a lot of money. Please save me and others the time we will spend watching your commercials and going to the polls to ensure that you do not return to Washington, D.C.

Quitting is not often an attractive option, but in this case you would be doing the right thing for yourself and the community. Please allow others to put their money to better use in a struggling region.

Sincerely, Mr. Clio (I put my real name in the message)


Brooks said...

I had already sent one to him. No response as of yet.

Will you please just drop out of the race? It's nothing personal, at all, and I wish you the best in your fight against the charges being bandied all round you, but really, you should just step down for the following reasons:

1) You will get NO national support from the DNC or anyone else. Can't you see that the last thing that the new speaker needs is to have to deal with an automatic investigation into whatever it is that you have or haven't done? This country and this city have better things to do than deal with whatever you had in your freezer next to the shrimp and the margarita mix. NO ONE is interested in seeing this go any further. You will, of course, have to face whatever it is that is leveled against you-but I believe that we will all be better off if it is not a Congressional type invesigation that ties up a Congress that has clearly got some major work to do repairing the nightmare that has been the last 6 years.

2) People here have plenty to do already. The time that it will take to campaign for or against you, and the money that it will take, could be better used to help fix this place. In fact, your time could be better spent here in New Orleans or even in DC, working with folks to get things going. You are going to be an ineffectual pariah on the Hill, no matter who is in charge, and we are going to be much better served sending someone who, at the very least, has a reasonably clean slate going in.

3) You've been there long enough. Look at this place. Thanks for the help, but I'm pretty sure that, given your current situation, we could elect Al Scramuzza or the Special Man and we would have more effective representation in Congress than we do now. This is a time that demands leadership untainted by scandals past or present.

Please do us this one last favor-withdraw from the race. You are going to get a nice pension and all kinds of fringe benefits that most Americans will never, ever see and you should just be happy enough with that. Why take us all down into the mud with you? We just don't have the time or the heart to deal with it and you would be doing every single one of your constituents a favor by resigning.

Thanks and I wish you all the best fighting those corruption charges.

Brooks Hxxxxr

Anonymous said...

is that a pic of dollah bill stealing wood from habitat so he can build his on cross on the cheap?

ashley said...

If the special man wasn't dead, I'd vote for him.

I think that Jefferson's ego is way too big for him to withdraw, despite the fact that even he knows he has no chance of winning.

Puddinhead said...

Don't jump to conclusions that he can't be re-elected. I mean, since when has being a crook caught on audio and video tape by the Feds shaking down a wired pigeon disqualified someone from being elected in Louisiana?

Seriously...I have a really bad feeling that the Jefferson (the Parish, not William) politicos will value parochialism over the greater good and dump all of their resources behind Jefferson (William, not the Parish) in order to get another shot for their homeboy Distasteful Derrick Sheppard when Dollar Bill is indicted.