Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hey, Google Maps!

Google Maps is really cool, but they need to update dramatically the satellite views of our region. They've still got the la-la land photos of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

I want the World to see what we look like now--the FEMA trailers in yards, the parts of town that have little activity, the post-apocalyptic scenes in Mississippi. Show 'em the truth, Google.

Somehow I think New Yorkers would be screaming if Google Maps was still showing the Twin Towers. This is a (perhaps unintended) insult to us, just as it would be an insult to New Yorkers.

While they're at it, how about before/after views? How about really closeup shots of what Donald Powell says will be "the finest levee system in the world"? Ha.

My point is, We Are Not Okay.

And Google should help us get that message out.


Ginger Schnapps said...

Interestingly enough, Melpomene and I had this same exact discussion last night over dinner. He is working on a new project in Fla., and has been busy as a bee on google maps. Last time we checked, we could still see the pre-K view of the umbrella we had up on the deck in our backyard in Lakeview. Needless to say...long gone. I had asked him how often google updates their aerial photography. Great minds Clio, great minds ;) We need to get on this. NOLA is not ok.

ashley said...

It's the same way on Google Earth. I swear, at some point I saw blue tarps on Google Earth. They aren't there now.

Renegade Seismology said...

There were post-Katrina photos on Google Maps/Earth, I remember showing them in class. I even gave out lat/lons of the Lower 9th and Biloxi so interested folks could zoom in see for themselves. You're right, they are not there now.

Fortunately, Steve Nelson at Tulane has a good set of before/after satellite/aerial photos of all the levee breaches in his Katrina Field Trip guide. You can find it at

Renegade Seismology said...

Correction! The post-Katrina satellite photos of the damage in Biloxi are still there!
What the f**k?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Yea, I stumbled upon your blog after looking for info on this....for the longest time they had post-K pics on google maps. I just went to look again, as I often do and now I see houses and green grass. I can understand not having the very newest(ie FEMA trailers) but why would they ever replace the initial destruction with pre-K pics?