Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hit the Ground Running

Very interesting article about business opportunities.

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GentillyGirl said...

This article all sounds good, but it points only to a segment, albeit the largest one, in the city.

There will be an increase in another portion of the city's multicultural mix: the LGBTI crowd. We ARE a major voting bloc now, and many of our friends from outside of the area are willing to move here and throw the dice at building their dreams and becoming useful additions to the gumbo that we call New Orleans.

The only thing that can screw this one up is the constant harping of one portion of society over another through religious bigotry. Sadly, the bigotry has raised it's hoary head once again here, and it ain't about Race, but Being. The new New Orleans cannot have this kind of crap going down.

We have a chance to be a "Shining city on a hill", and I for one don't want that chance killed by the rantings of ignorant fools and Evangelicals.

More coming on my Blog about this soon.