Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm eating as I type this. My lunch today from Dunbar's:

The smothered okra with shrimp plate.

The featured entree (the okra and shrimp) comes with two huge, perfectly fried-to-order filets of catfish.

And rice.

And potato salad.

And a large square of cornbread.

All of the above was perfect and piping hot.

For seven dollars.

The styrofoam plate barely could hold the weight of the food.

I love my city.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I was looking forward to that Tyler Florence guy from the Food Network cooking at my next trip to Applebee's in Baton Rouge. Now that's cuisine..

Big__Shot said...

Green with envy. A shade of fresh okra, if you will.

ashley said...



I hope you got the lemonade, too.

Marco said...

$7 in upstate NY will get you cold winds and a ham and cheese on rye. I just got on the plane.

Ray in New Orleans said...

You know that 30% of people who say they're leaving town? Once they try the food out there, they'll be back.

Man, I wish I knew where those ladies who sold soul food out of Tipitina's went to. That was good eats.

I think I'll do Dunbar's for lunch today.