Friday, December 22, 2006


I want to get out a few negative things now so that the Christmas weekend will be pleasant:

1. Louisiana's population shrunk by 5 percent in a year. Andy Kopplin summed up the bad news in a suitable way:

This is the first time we've seen a statewide look at the displacement in Louisiana versus out-of-state. The magnitude of the damage in Louisiana is not comparable to anything we have ever seen, anywhere.

A Census bureau demographer added: You have to go back to the '40s to find percentage or numerical loss of that magnitude for any state.

That second statement is telling. We need FDR-style courage and solutions, and we have Warren Harding as president. We need a leader, and we have George W. Bush, a guy who'd get fired as a night manager at Time Saver.

Update: I'm not smart enough to know how to take the comment from "Anonymous," but I have no gripe with Andy Kopplin in this post. I'm complaining about our pound-foolish president.

2. The flooding yesterday was troubling. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I really don't think we're getting the whole truth on the state of our drainage "system." I don't trust the people charged with fixing and maintaining it. Anybody wanna argue with me on that point?


Anonymous said...

Can you please enlighten me on your comment about Andy Kopplin being fired as night manager from Time Saver?

Is this true? If so, where did the info. come from?

Great blog. Just found it today!

saintseester said...

I'm not even down there, and I found the flooding story very disturbing. Especially the amount of time it seemed to take to drain off. Things are not as they should be.

Otherwise, Merry Christmas, and try to stay dry!

berto said...

According to the old numbers:

1 inch of rain in the first hour and 1/2 an inch for every hour thereafter is what the pumps can handle.

This puts us near 13 inches in a 24 hour period.

The rain we experienced this past week never had the "downpour" element to it. It was a steady drizzle with some showers mixed in.

In the greatest mark of the metro area the Audubon gauge had 6.05 inches Thursday. That's not 13 inches.

Somebody is not telling us something.

Some pumps are still not running.

We are not OK.

angels, saints, and bears oh my... said...

This is (thus far) a very different situation, but it feels related to me right now. Out here in the Bay Area over the last 48 hours we have had 3 magnitude 3.5-3.7 earthquakes centered in the same section of the Hayward fault in Berkeley. The USGA siesmologists are telling us it means nothing and that we shouldn't worry.

I don't know what to tell you about that but I will tell you that after what I have seen in New Orleans over the last 16 months, I spent this "busiest shopping day of the year" buying flashlights, batteries and water.