Monday, December 11, 2006

A Reminder to Myself and Anyone Who's Listening

Re: The Saints

If we just sit back and grin and enjoy this, then the Saints' success amounts only to bread and circuses--a distraction from critical aspects of our lives as a community, a distraction that only helps those who want us to go away.

But there is a better way:

We still grin and enjoy this season every day, and we use the energy, goodwill, and Dome-caused ringing ears and hoarse voices to lift us up all week long. We use Coach Payton's gritty preparation, Drew Brees's resilient excellence, Deuce's calm demeanor, Colston's smooth ways, Fujita's toughness, Reggie's sheer brilliance--we use all of that to energize and inspire us in our work toward the tasks at hand: personal excellence in our professions, learned discussion and action on rebuilding our wetlands, vigorous work toward using our own bad experience of Katrina and the levee failures to change our region and the rest of the world into a more sustainable culture and economy.

Is that too much to ask?

That doesn't mean we ever stop the knowing grin that comes from embarrassing America's Team in front of everybody.


ashley said...

By the way, new league rule. Nobody ever gets a taunting call if they're taunting Terrell Owens.

It's like flagging me for calling Alan Richman a racist.

saintseester said...

Love this post. You are right, the saints give a positive energy that can be put to very good use. To overcome the darkness. Use the Force.

Maitri said...

Any team that beats the Dallas Cowboys is a great team in my book. America's team, my ass. God, I hate the Cowboys.

Brian Bordelon said...

Well all I can say is that the look on Parcells' face in the third quarter was priceless. Do you know that Brees threw NO passes in the fourth quarter, yet still threw for over 300 yards? Amazing. THANK YOU NICK SABAN for passing on Brees for Culpepper!