Saturday, December 30, 2006

Waning Days of 2006

1. Dr. Morris will be happy to learn that the Saints re-signed Fast Freddie Mac yesterday.

2. I predict that on Sunday Jamaal Branch will become the third Saints running back this season to have a 100 yard game, and he'll do it in 2 and a half quarters of play.

3. I like that Humid Haney posted 10 New Year's resolutions on his blog. I resolve to do the same today or tomorrow.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Berto and Lil Hap (my godchild) invited me to the Crescent City Steakhouse on Thursday. I didn't want to break anybody's heart, so I didn't snap pix of the exquisite food--I had the New York Strip--but here are a couple of pix. (We were there when it opened; by the time we left, the dining room had filled about halfway. Also, you can see Hap's forehead and tops of his eyes.) I've posted a pic of their current hours of operation (which do include both lunch and dinner, contrary to my prior post) for your convenience. I hope many LSU and Notre Dame fans go there to enjoy the beef.

5. For your consideration: the chairman and CEO of Ruth's Chris and Lord Voldemort. Can you tell which picture is which?


coachjoecullen said...

Yeah, I had a Strip too, but it was a Detroit Strip, not a New York Strip.

Michelle said...

Awesome about ol' Freddie boy. I think I would have passed out if I had seen that steak this morning. yummy...

Kevin Gilbride said...

Yeah, a New York strip includes elevating the responsibilities of the QBs Coach

serg said...

Cute kid. May the force be with you.