Saturday, December 09, 2006

What I Have to Say about Bill Jefferson defeating Karen Carter

1. I spent 13 of the first 22 years of my life living on the Westbank; I consider myself a Westbank native with fond memories. I would like America to know that Congressman William Jefferson, while under investigation for corruption, took 70 percent of the vote in Jefferson Parish (the Westbank portion of his district). That suburban vote (which looks demographically a lot like Houston or Atlanta)--not the city of New Orleans--is what put Congressman Jefferson back in D.C. for another term. THANKS WESTBANK! THANKS HARRY LEE! (By the way, Karen Carter was right to say what she said about the bridge evacuees being denied their rights as Americans. I understand that the cops were in a bad spot, but so were those people trying to cross the bridge on foot in 90 degree weather.)

2. To respond to anyone who gets all high and mighty about silly old, corrupt New Orleans doing the same old, same old, I quote those noted Alabamian political philosophers Lynyrd Skynyrd (comparing George Wallace with Richard Nixon):
In Birmingham they love the governor.
Now we all did what we could do.
Now Watergate does not bother me.
Does your conscience bother you? Tell the truth.

In Orleans Parish, we all (well, most of us) did what we could do.

How do you, America, feel about the looters in the White House who are running our country right now?


Ashley said...

We're stupid and don't deserve any help.

At least, that's what I read on the big national blogs, where they know everything about Louisiana.

F P said...

Nationally it is like the midwest voters. Your knee-jerk reaction is to think that you wish they were as smart as they are nice and sweet.

But then when you think about, if they were just intellectually inquisivetive enough about the issues to look at both sides or even three of four sides of a issue taht they would be ok. But when you isolate peole in the sticks or suburbs and pipe in clear channel rush limbaugh at em from several stations and all hours of the day they just don't get exposed to what is really happening. Top that off with the fact that many people are so far behind money wise that both parents and working so much they can not possibly have the time to look into things carefully.

mchebert said...

I was a Westbanker for many years, and frankly I am appalled. I am afraid Louisiana will pay the price for this one.

What confounds me is that I never heard Karen Carter make the case (many she did, but I didn't see it) that if Jefferson was re=elected the national Democratic brass would turn its back on him.

I am certain that they will. When Nancy Pelosi tried shoehorn her guy Murtha into a top spot in the new Congress, the rank and file Dems spiked him. The Democrats realize they won Congress because the Republicans looked corrupt, and Murtha had the stain of the old Abscam investigation on him. Don't you think they will do the same to Jefferson? Of course they will.

The Westbank just elected an empty suit. No one will talk to him. No one will deal with him. He is a waste of a seat.

Why, oh why didn't Karen Carter hammer that home, every single day?

The only solice I see in this is that Jefferson most certainly will go to prison for this. You don't accept $100,000 on an FBI tape as a serving Congressman and live to tell about it.

I give him a year. He will pay thie price, but so will Lousiana, and it hurts me to say that.

chicago dyke said...

my response to finger wagging national bloggers.

i live in DC, and before that chicago and detroit, and i know a thing or two about 'corrupt' local pols and reps. as you say, it's not like all of america doesn't have something to be ashamed about electing.

thanks for your reports.

Ray said...

By day after tomorrow, the national blogs will be back to their usual. They won't talk about us or think about us at all.

humidhaney said...

expect a shirt about this very soon.