Wednesday, December 27, 2006

World Class Steaks and Ambience Return to the Crescent City

Tom Fitmorris reports the happy news that the Crescent City Steakhouse has now reopened and is serving lunch Wednesdays through Saturdays. Staff limitations prevent dinner for now.

I am so happy about this that I cannot find words. This blog was launched in part to show that our beloved city of New Orleans can come back because of our distinctive mix of love for community, creative tension, lack of pretense and posing, and pure grit--all of that mixed in with a little showmanship and love of a good time. The Crescent City Steakhouse combines all of that, at a location that had several feet of water.
I am happy for the Vojkovich Family. Please make this unique and local establishment one of your steakhouses of choice. Avoid the velociraptors among us.
The Crescent City Steakhouse now has a new kitchen. I am happy for the staff there and plan to sample their fare very, very soon. Like tomorrow.


Ashley said...

I drove by there last week (at night), and it was locked up tighter than a drum. Glad to see we're coming back.

World class, indeed.

Tim said...

Such great news! I heard about this the other day and just haven't gotten off my duff to blog about it. Yes, even pre-K I preferred Crescent City to that national chain steak house that abandoned us in our most desperate hour. So I say we all rally around these guys and give them all the business they can handle. Get your steaks now, cause lent ain't that far off!!