Friday, January 12, 2007

Consultants??? Consultants????

Here's the up-to-the-minute headline from the Times-Picayune:
City hires consultant to help combat crime

People who don't care and who don't know what they're doing hire consultants. I know from first-hand professional experience.

Incompetent, uncaring eople who hire consultants are always talking about moving forward.

I have a crazy idea: instead of voting for Mayor Curly and then have him hire consultants, why don't we eliminate the middle man? Let's vote directly for the consultants.

I've held my tongue for the most part about what's gone on the past week with murders and the pathetic leadership we have. I can't even bring myself to get it all down in words.

EDIT: I changed one of the paragraphs to better state my position. Let me be clear: hiring a consultant is not a surefire way to label oneself a loser. There are many competent people, companies, and governments that hire consultants for good reasons. It's just that all losers in positions of authority eventually turn to consultants, when they (the "leaders") realize they're in over their heads. My point is that intelligent people should recognize and make noise when they see desperately incompetent people wasting everybody's time and money on consultants. I'd better stop typing, because I'm typing myself out of a job. Thanks to Mr. Mel for showing me my imprecise way with words. Rants are good, but there's a limit.

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Mr. Melpomene said...

I am just looking at my business card and it says: Mr. Melpomene, JD then CONSULTANT.

Yikes. I gotta come up with something new to describe what I do.

Maybe a better title is coach, as in Urban Meyer, or Sean Payton.

Calling the printing company right now.