Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't Talk to Me about Destiny: We're about Resilience, Hard Work, Competence, Style, and Kickbutt Fun

World Class New Orleanians don't want to hear a word about destiny and the Saints today. Why not?

1. If you want to talk about the Saints being destined, you have to include in the story the city and region being slammed by Katrina, the levee failures, the relief failures, Rita, and the recovery failures. You know: "Oh, those poor people. They were so hurt by the storms, and then this team comes along and helps revive their spirit. It's destiny."

No. No. First, the multiple disasters that we are enduring were not destiny. A hurricane (perhaps fueled in part by manmade environmental impacts) hit our region. Mississippi was devastated by the storm surge; New Orleans was devastated by governmental fraud and incompetence. That's not destiny.

2. Tell the Saints it's destiny. They'll laugh at you if they're being honest. Was their grueling camp at Millsaps College destiny? No, hard work. Were Sean Payton's brilliant game plans destiny? No, competence. Were our outstanding players at the skill positions on offense destiny? No, competence.

3. Old New Orleans believed in destiny, and that's part of what got us where we were. New New Orleans believes in grittiness, choice, hard work, creativity, and competence. But we still know how to keep our traditions, our community, our sense of raw fun. Don't talk to us about destiny. This isn't destiny. This is years of fan dedication. This is signing great players with character. This is a hardworking, competent coach.

This is game day. I have my game face on. Don't talk to me about destiny.


da po' boy said...

I second that. Calling it destiny takes away from the team's accomplishment.

Michelle said...

I agree. It cheapens it all.