Monday, January 08, 2007

Hey, Idiots at Puglia's!

If you're going to sell guns from your store, you must make it an impossibility that they will be stolen. An impossibility. Can't happen. Ever. All gun stores should be firearms Ft. Knoxes.

I propose a new law: if you sell guns from your store, and any of them are stolen, you must agree to serve the same prison time as
A. the people who are convicted of stealing them, AND
B. the time mandated by law for any crimes committed by those using guns stolen from your store. Thus, if three murders are committed with guns stolen from your store, you're going away for a long time, bra.


dangerblond said...

Hey, now! I think you are skating dangerously close to making people take personal responsibility for the things they do to make money! What's next? Making chemical plants clean up the water? Making oil companies pay taxes? It's people like you that are ruining this country.

Puddinhead said...

You can almost be sure...if our solons up in Baton Rouge (how can you respect a part of the state that was actually British?) took the time to make it illegal to ask those who manufacture firearms to accept responsibility for what happens when they're used for the purposes for which they're manufactured, then you just know they've made sure the same would hold true for those who sell them.

ashley said...

I was an expert witness when the city of Chicago sued the gun manufacturers for liability...of course, then the judge threw the case out.

I'm behind your plan 100%. You make poison, you sell poison, you're responsible, to a degree, for how it is used.

Anonymous said...

i think that is the most retarded thing ive ever heard. So it their fault if someone breaks in and steals the guns that are made for mostly hunting purposes and uses them to kill someone or commit other crimes? Soooo whats next, if i go and steal your car from your driveway and go speeding down bourbon street on saturday night, you should be coming to jail with me since you didnt make your car completely theft proof?