Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm Against Oliver Thomas's Thank-You Saints Parade

. . . if it's a stand-alone parade well before Carnival, that is.

We should thank the Saints by pouring ourselves into our work and our homes, showing that we can follow their example.

If it's some kind of add-on parade before a regular Mardi Gras parade, fine, but I probably still won't go.

Besides, I don't think Coach wants a parade for a 4th place finish. Let's wait till we come in 1st.

Fourth place only wins something in a superfecta at the Fair Grounds.

UPDATE: Dr. Morris thinks it's a silly waste of time too and has the link for the story. Payton is king of Orpheus; that suits our style much better.

UPDATE 2: The parade won't happen. Bloggers and New Orleans win! Lesson for OT: Don't blab to the media before you get things straight.


ashley said...

Jeez...once again OT shows us how the Saints are the only leadership this city's seen.

How about instead, we have about 20 convertibles interspersed in Krewe du Vieux with whatever team members that want to ride?

Big__Shot said...

This is ridiculous. Most of the players go back to their offseason homes immediately, and I think Coach said he would be so busy that he wouldn't even have time to attend this week's Senior Bowl in Mobile.

dangerblond said...

This is so typical of these showboating morons. Spend money to have another parade in a town where there are about to be around 30 parades. Just shoot off your mouth without coordinating with anyone. And I think it was a blatant attempt to attach himself to our beloved team like a parasite. No, Oliver, we don't need YOU to help us show our love for the Saints. We need YOU to grow a pair and get this freaking city back on track!