Saturday, January 20, 2007

World Class Spirit: Exhibit A

The Times-Picayune runs Saints-Bears predictions from sportswriters from NOLA and Chicago. I notice a couple of interesting patterns:

1. The New Orleans writers all pick the Saints. That worries me a little.
2. A couple of Chicago writers pick against the Bears. That impresses me.

The biggest thing I notice, however, is that in their comments, every New Orleans writer focuses on the positive: the good things about the Saints that will contribute to a victory.

Many of the Chicago writers who predict a Bears victory feel the need to rip the Saints and talk trash. That bugs me. They're probably on Dennis Hastert's side.

I am proud that the New Orleans writers, while being blatant homers (a bit of a worry), focus on the positive rather than rip the Bears. That's the World Class spirit that we try to start with in this blog (although we're not afraid to get dark when the subject calls for it).

Stay calm, work hard, pay attention to detail, focus on your own game and not the other guy's game. I'm learning from Coach Payton.

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da po' boy said...

Ed Daniels, of WGNO, picked the Bears last night on their Saints special.

If I remember correctly, he said good things about the Saints but picked the Bears because everyone else was going with the Saints.