Wednesday, January 03, 2007

World Class Whining

Blatant whining below from a guy (me) whose house had only roof damage from the storm and levee failure. If you don't want to read whining, move on to one of the reputable blogs to the right.

On 12/23, we had a Christmas party at my house for a group of my friends from high school. There were about 35 people here. That generated a good bit of trash.

Then Christmas Day came. We have four kids (Clio II, Clio III, Cliette, and Clio IV). The Christmas morning frenzy always creates a good bit of trash at our house.

Then we had the extended Clio families over for the traditional Hooville Christmas Feast that day. That generated a lot of trash (food- and present-related).

So by 12/26, there were probably 15 black bags of trash, plus a few boxes, on the side of my house. On 12/26, the T-P and WDSU both reported that trash pickup would be a day late during the week after Christmas, owing to the Christmas break.

No problem, I thought. I'll put my trash out Wednesday night (my regular day is Wednesday).

Boy was I surprised when the trash guys came by on Wednesday morning.

Well, I was disappointed, but I've missed trash before, so I was basically okay. I'll put it out next Wednesday, right?

Then, yesterday, I read in the paper that twice-a-day trash pickup has resumed, and my pickup day is TODAY (Tuesday). OH NO! Sure enough, the guys had already passed, despite the fact that almost nobody on my block (including me, with my stinking pile in the alley next to my house) had put out their trash.

Did I miss something? I didn't get any mail or email announcing that trash pickup would start Tuesday--until Tuesday, that is, when I read it in da paper.

So Berto and I took about a third of the stuff out late last night and disposed of it.

And now there are two large piles of bags in front of my house, waiting (I guess) for a Friday pickup. (I had to pick up the Christmas turkey carcass from the ground in the alley; an industrious neighborhood cat--I hope--had extracted it from a bag.)

I'm sure my neighbors love me right now.

NOLA--sometimes even when we get it right (resumption of trash pickup), we get it wrong.

Thus endeth the whining.


saintseester said...

Time heals all whines. See you at the playoffs!

Stacy Head fan said...

How about rational arguement instead of whining?

Officials in both Orleans and Jefferson Parishes agree that "debris" and as the paper calls it "detritus" is blocking storm drains, thus the area flooding December 21.

Could this be linked to the abundance of rubbish on the streets?

Would this be a good arguement with the city and councilperson?

Alex Trebeck said...

How spelle arumgunt?

Cheddar the cat said...

It was me in the garbage.

Thanks for the turkey!

Mr. Melpomene said...

no problem with the fiasco; we did the same thing basically down here in florida. Your are OK.

Tim said...

Yes, obviously the city's plan to inform the citizens of who/what/where/when and how the new garbage collection will work consisted of one step: wait for the Times Picayune to write a story about it.

What a bunch of maroons!



rickngentilly said...

hows about some info from da city in a timely matter?

i knew when these punks were running for office. i got junk mail and robo calls in a timely manner.

my trash pick up in gentily is a joke.

i just learned that my trash pick up days were changed via a link to the t-p from a blog.

since i have been working non stop in the quarter to support my self and the tourist economy i missed the blurb in the paper.

piece of shit joke bastards want my vote
but cant keep me updated to a simple public service.

my pernt is the deal came down and changed with out a mailout to the peeps who dont read the paper.

Margie & Bill said...

Nice picture, but I don't see the turkey all strung out over the street.!?!

Cheddar must be a tidy cat.

Adrastos said...

The same thing happened to me. IMO, you're not whining; chronic incompetence leads to chronic complaining.

golden said...

When Chuck Norris had to undergo surgery after catching a number of cannonballs with his stomach, he punched out the doctors and took hold of the scalpel himself. The following report, written in blood, states his stomach contents were four feet of barbed wire, two pounds of granite, fire, and the skeleton of a circus strongman.