Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bad Stuff in Carrollton and Beyond

I drove over to the 7800 block or so of Burthe, Freret, Maple, etc.

Bad stuff over there: roofs off of some houses, the entire front of a house gone (you can look into the open front, which has been peeled off, like a weird dollhouse). Wires and sheet metal strewn about.

The tornado(es) really did seem to skip about--a hit here, a miss there.

Even on River Road at Uptown Square there are trees uprooted. One large tree (or piece of one) had been picked up and deposited on top of a parked SUV.

That's the thing that bothers me about living in a recovering area: Life don't stop. Tornadoes still happen; people still have cancer and heart attacks.

Wish we could get a pass from the regular garbage that people usually have to deal with.

I hope the people in Carrollton, Westwego, and Pontchartrain Park who got hit have help and are feeling like tough mofos today.


Puddinhead said...

Even though I'd seen that there'd been rough weather through Westwego and Carrollton, I was still kind of shocked to see one of the gutters hanging off of my house when I stepped out of my FEMA trailer in Gentilly Terrace. Apparently we didn't miss worse by much, as I heard reports of a trailer shifted into the street about five blocks away, and the firehouse that was hit was only a couple of blocks beyond that. Funny thing is that the weather woke me up, but aside from a little more lightning than usual I didn't think it was much heavier than a normal thunderstorm--no wind noise to speak of, no hail, etc.

adrastos said...

Thanks for the report, C.

Karen said...

we are tough mofos here in carrollton

and we got no help from anyone we elected..