Friday, February 16, 2007

The Evolving Consensus

This letter to the editor and the front pager on the NYT today about the brain drain from New Orleans are points on what might be called an evolving consensus that the message being sent by the voters last November is not getting through in Washington.

Since the election, I think the victorious Democrats have failed to show leadership and to suggest new approaches to either of the 800 lb problems that helped to get them elected, Iraq and Katrina. They have criticized the festering problems, but have refused to get their hands dirty on the hard work to fix them. That's probably because Congress is a supremely provincial institution and all Congressional politics is local -- unless there is publicity or ambition involved.

But, nothing would look more presidential than for someone running for President to fill the vacuum left in the contrails of Air Force One's apres flood flyover; namely, to get on the ground, to stay on the ground , to make things happen and build hope.

Mr. Clio chimes in on this one:
As usual, great link and analysis by Mr. Melpomene. I want to highlight my favorite sentence in the letter:
Though it is a noble effort, should we really depend on movie stars and talk show hosts to lead the way in resurrecting New Orleans?
We need an FDR, and we get a more corrupt and incompetent version of Warren G. Harding as the incumbent. So far, the challengers are making like Calvin Coolidge and James Buchanan (if they look away long enough, maybe the problem will go away).

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