Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fat Family, etc.

1. The Inimitable One has crafted this classic:

Metairie is staging Family Gras. This is to give the kids a nice safe venue to see Tony Orlando and The Little River Band, before they grow up and need a nice safe venue to see Journey and Styx.
This causes me to note that "Family Gras" means "Fat Family." Not sure what to make of that.

2. Yesterday I saw a cheap canopy already set up on St. Charles in the neutral ground. Endymion may bring new meaning to "The Saints Are Coming." I hope they (the krewe) don't ruin it.

Don't forget: Jeffrey has posted the reigning champion bit regarding Endymion:
. . . I'd prefer to see Endymion back in Mid-City if, for no other reason, than to avoid the uniquely rude and territorial crowd of young white suburban types it tends to draw. The ladder is the bane of my Carnival existence and Endymion fans bring them out in force. But that's not all they bring. Endymion crowds usually begin to gather along the parade route one or two days before the actual parade. The squatters use ladders, spray paint and rope to claim and defend a plot of real estate on the neutral ground for themselves and their young white larvae. Woe to the parade goer who wishes to travel from one side of the street to the other by crossing the sovereign territory of the Endymion soccer mom. He will be treated to all manner of dirty looks and crude lectures about respecting her roped off piece of public property. This ridiculous sociopathic inability to comprehend the nature of a public event does not belong in Mardi Gras. Unfortunately it has established itself as standard behavior among the yuppies who throng for Endymion.
3. Mr. Mel keeps posting gems from various media around the country. His perspective from outside the morass of Our Fair City provides much to this blog.


saintseester said...

Stamping feet and pouting Waaaaa! I wanna see Endymion. Waaa, waaaa, waaaa. My kids actually have a 4 day weekend off from school this year. The timing is PERFECT. But we can't go due to baseball tryouts that saturday.

Crossing my arms, turning my back, and pouting

Brian Bordelon said...

Jeffrey can vent his frustrations about Endymion to the NOPD. They are the reason Endymion is where it is. Check out for more.

And the Endymion route, the old route, isn't as territorial and crazy with the land-grabbers if you head below Broad and watch. That's where the parade really gets started anyway. But you'll never get that chance again, it seems.

ashley said...

Glad you liked that one, Doc.