Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let Ray Stevens Know What You Think

There I was, minding my own business, looking for New Orleans songs on iTunes, when I stumbled on this piece of crap.

When Ray Stevens gets off his knees and stops servicing President George W. Bush, maybe he can read a newspaper and figure out what's actually going on.

What scares me is that I think he is accurately reflecting the sentiments of many of our "brothers" in the Deep South.

Here's the email I sent Mr. Stevens, signed with my non-blogger name and home phone number:

Mr. Stevens,

I was looking for New Orleans related songs on iTunes, when I stumbled on your "New Battle of New Orleans."

I credit you for trying to update a classic.

However, your new lyrics, while skewering people who deserve to be skewered (looters), let the President and others completely off the hook.

I am not a member of the Democratic Party. I am not a supporter of Jesse Jackson. I live in New Orleans.

We have been utterly failed by EVERY possible institution in our society--government at every level, private insurance companies, and others.

Your song implies that the President has been unfairly blamed by us.

Trust me. If you were here, you would understand what an total embarrassment he has been.

We are busting our butts, doing things on our own, because no one with money and authority cares.

Volunteer groups from around the country have been amazing. However, I thought I lived in a nation-state--not an association of volunteers.

All Americans should be ashamed of what is happening here.

In general, I appreciate your sense of humor, and I am in no way offended at your attempt to make some laughs about your situation.

However, please evaluate the situation on the ground here, and then turn your wit on the empty suits who are "running" this country.

Mr. Clio
New Orleans, Louisiana


doctorj2u said...

I found that same song on youtube with a bunch of rascist comments. I flagged it for hate speech. What can I say, there are a lot of disgusting Americans out there

bigshot said...

Well said, Mr. Clio.

ashley said...

This really annoys me, but Ray Stevens? When the shining moment in your career is The Streak, just how relevant can you be?

Mr. Clio said...

I just can't stay away from a fight, Ashley.

ashley said...

Like I can...I'm picking on Texan chiropractors now...

Mr. Melpomene said...

He's a mook.

Mr. Melpomene said...

Paraphrasing his web site now, but it seems that this guy doesn't have a gig scheduled in the entire calendar year of 2007... Not one cruise ship, or theatre in Branson, or nuttin'. Not even the great Tony Orlando is that unemployed. Yikes.

ashley said...

Tie a yellow ribbon 'round Ray Stevens' career.