Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Orleans: The Wealthiest City of the Caribbean

I met Andres many years ago when I was in College. I had read about Seaside in the Atlantic in the library of my high school. He's a bright guy. See his article, it is quite interesting.

New Orleans: The Wealthiest City of the Caribbean

Addendum from Mr. Clio:

Here's what the New Yorker's A.J. Liebling had to say in a similar way when writing about Earl Long:
New Orleans resembles Genoa or Marseilles, or Beirut or the Egyptian Alexandria more than it does New York... Like Havana and Port-au-Prince, New Orleans is within the orbit of a Hellenistic world that never touched the North Atlantic. The Mediterranean, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico form a homogeneous, though interrupted, sea.

H/T Stephen Smith for the quote.


Mr. Clio said...

I got tears reading the article. Great stuff. He gets some things right. A bit idealized, but we need some of that. Hope you don't mind that I added the Liebling quote. Writing about Earl Long, he saw in the 50s-60s exactly what Andres is talking about.

LatinTeacher said...

Where to begin? I agree with the article to a large extent. When I was teaching there, I never had a lot of money or a lot of debt. It was a trade off that I was content with because I could relax and enjoy myself at JazzFest or Mardi Gras or Halloween or French Quarter Fest or on a random Saturday or Tuesday. Now that I am up here in workaholicaland, I never feel like I have time to cook the meal I want for fear of falling behind. Sure it's an idealistic take, but it's one we have heard before and to at least some extent is true.