Friday, February 09, 2007

Possible Misplaced Post

Clio IV and I were up late one night over the Christmas holidays. On Cox Channel 10, we were able to view the entire showing of Miss Pussycat's North Pole Nutrias. Oh, wow. I want this to be part of my Christmas forever, from now on.

As Carnival time descends on us in a most welcome matter, we do well to check Quintron's schedule and look for the dates for the 9th Ward Marching Band.

I'm especially intrigued by this entry from the schedule:
Saturday 2/17: NEW ORLEANS, LA @ The Spellcaster Lodge - Annual Mardi Gras Maritime Ball with Quintron and Miss Pussycat, THE OVERNIGHT LOWS (from Jackson, mississippi), HARRINGBONE (feat Courtney Lane of BABY ROSEBUD), and the one and only KATY RED!!! of Take Fo Records.Also The 9TH WARD MARCHING BAND will make its ruturn to the late night Jackson Square march.Parade begins from the Lodge at around 4 am.

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