Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Ultimate Sinn Fein Move: Our Own Currency

From today's New York Times article, we learn about BerkShares, described as
[the Berkshire region's] great socioeconomic experiment, one in which several dozen businesses agreed to include an alternative currency in their daily transactions and give a discount to those who used it. Now people can pay for groceries, an oil change, even dental work with currency bearing the likenesses of local heroes like Herman Melville and Norman Rockwell.
Wanna support local businesses? Pay them in New Orleans's (or West Florida's) own currency.

The Crescent City Farmer's Market has a micro version of this, but I think we ought to do this city (or region) wide. The new First NBC or First Bank could be the issuing bank.

In BerkShares, they have bills with pictures of W.E.B. Dubois and Herman Melville.

We get to pick the people on the bills: Huey Long, Jean Lafitte, Louis Armstrong, Walker Percy, and so on . . . 100 = a Huey, 50 = a Privateer, 20 = a Louie, 10 = a Walker.

We could also let tourists exchange alien dollars for them at the airport and rental car places too. Whaddya think? Sinn Fein.


saintseester said...

Sounds a lot like disney dollars.

**** running away so as to avoid the pelting ****

bigshot said...

Love it. But screw Huey. He was no friend of New Orleans, building that bridge so far up river.

berto said...

I'd like to get better rates on Abita, Barq's, Domilise's and other local products through the currency.

It can happen too.

Tim said...

Great idea, but I'm with bigshot on his dislike of Huey. I have this theory that one of the things that holds New Orleans and the whole state back is our poor choice of heroes. Huey Long? The poster child for mafia-style government. And Jean Lafitte? Another person who skirted the law for fun and profit. I suggest Stephen Ambrose and Baldwin Wood in their place. Slang names could be Stevies and Woodies.

Okay, let the jokes fly!