Monday, February 19, 2007

Why I Become a Kid at Bacchus Every Year

1. When I was 10 or so and my brothers were 8 and 6, respectively (Berto being 6), I remember wanting to go to Bacchus and my parents saying that we couldn't. Although my mom grew up a city girl, I remember her citing the crowds and evening start-time and traffic (we lived on the Westbank) as reasons why we couldn't go. Having the God of Wine as taboo started the whole magical attraction. I also remember not feeling intimidated at all by the idea of "city crowds" and feeling aggravated that car traffic separated us from such an Important Carnival Event.

2. We moved overseas for four years after that. By the time we returned, I was 15 and my uncle was a member. My parents had mellowed (also, we boys had gotten older), and so we started going to Bacchus, with my godfather's house only two blocks from Napoleon. My uncle ensured that we caught a lot. That was great, and at the time he was the only person my family knew who regularly rode in a krewe.

3. For awhile in college, I lived on Magazine Street on the Thoth route. One of the greatest days of my life involved my first real parade route party at MY place, followed by a date with my hot girlfriend to the Bacchus ball. I later married that hot girlfriend. How can one NOT fall in love with a parade when it's part of your marital biography?

4. Almost every year, I really like celebrities they choose (Jackie Gleason, the Fonz, Shatner, Frodo, Drew Brees). Most of the time, I just seem to be on the same wavelength with whoever picks their superstars.

5. I like their floats. They're big and cool, but not ridiculously big. (BTW, did King Kong roll last night? I missed him.)

6. I freakin' love their medallion beads. I miss the old style some, but I really like the new full-color heavy ones. I love wine-colored doubloons. It bummed me out that I didn't catch a single one last night. (I've been to about six parades this year and caught three doubloons TOTAL.)

7. Bacchus's namesake is portrayed as a big, happy bearded guy who likes to drink wine. How can I not like that? (They need to make him a redhead to complete the bond for me.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you - Bacchus is one of my faves, and definitely better than

King Kong didn't roll - I think only Baby Kong made a showing this year.