Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Bees Are Gone; The Questionable Pumps Are Still Here

1. The Uptown Bee Guy came and collected the swarm. They are now happily manufacturing honey is his backyard, honey that you can buy at Whole Foods. My neighbor took pictures, which will be posted soon.

2. From Fix Da Pumps and Spocko's Brain (worth going to just because of the cool picture of Mafia Spock), we get the grit about what's wrong. The memo that spills the red beans is here. It sounds bad. Real Bad. (Thanks to those two blogs for their work.) I hope the Senate grills those people today and then actually DOES something.

"Task Force Guardian" sounds hollow coming out of the mouths of the ACOE and President Bush, don't it?

If the ACOE were in charge of bee removal at my house, what would have happened?


Leigh C. said...

"If the ACOE were in charge of bee removal at my house, what would have happened?"

They woulda used a method that makes 'em more aggressive. Once the swarm was done attacking you and leaving you for dead, they'd find, eighteen months later, a "CYA" memo from a chemist/beekeeper saying the method didn't work.

What happens after that? According to scout at First Draft, guvmint bidness as usual - cover yer genitalia.

ashley said...

I was hoping you'd leave them there for a while, and we could have done a remake of The Savage Bees, starring Lee DeFleur.

Leigh C. said...

Is that the one where they end up driving a car covered with the killer bees into the Superdome?