Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bits and Pieces

1. We changed our clocks overnight, weeks before we normally do. I'm indifferent about the early change, but let me ask this:

Where was the groundswell of opinion that forced this change? While the wetlands in my region die, Congress felt urgent pressure to shift the schedule for Daylight Savings Time?

The profoundly anti-government, anti-interventionist Republican Congress felt the need to make the ultimate government intervention and CHANGE TIME???? Meanwhile, we languish in our "market-driven" "recovery."

2. In the 3/5/2007 issue of the New Yorker, the following lines appear. Guess which major American city in the Gulf Coast region this describes:
In November 2002 . . . The city was going nowhere fast . . . a city with a population of three hundred and eighty-six thousand had been on the verge of bankruptcy and was recovering from a junk-bond rating from Wall Street. F.B.I. raids on City Hall were not unusual, and a handful of top city officials had been arrested and jailed. Crime and police brutality, particularly the reckless police shootings, had done serious damage to [the city's] reputation . . .

Sounds pretty bad, huh? And yet the NFL decided around that time to put this year's Super Bowl in that city--Miami.

Which leads me to ask why New Orleans can't host a Super Bowl TODAY--much less the piddling , insignificant little freak show that is the NBA All Star game.

The description above made me feel a little better about our situation. We can fight through this.

3. Da Po Blog does his usual phenomenal job crunching numbers and making us think. In this case, he made me think something I had not thought before (though I have no doubt that somebody has blogged on this):

What if Richard Pennington had not run a ridiculously bad campaign in 2002? What if he was our mayor when Katrina was approaching and hit, and when the levees failed? What if Pennington were the mayor now? I have to believe the Chief would have been a better emergency and recovery management mayor than Mayor Curly.

4. Clio II, Clio III, and I attended Friday night's Voodoo game, courtesy of a very special and generous host. We behaved ourselves in the Marriott Super Suite. The game was great; learn more about the game from nopickles. It made me think that we should make the NBA irrelevant and just enjoy football year-round, with baseball as a nice summertime diversion. (Yes, I just offended angels and saints and bears oh my with that last statement. She would not be happy to call baseball "a nice summertime diversion.")

5. I very much enjoyed seeing Doctah and Mrs. Ashley, Mistah and Mrs. Oystah, and Mistah and Mrs. Berto at the Fete Francais yesterday. Mrs. Oyster looks her usual lovely even as she prepares for the imminent production of another pearl.


saintseester said...

I agree. Ditch basketball. It used to be interesting, fun to watch way back when. Then they ruined it with 3 point shots and the run/slam game. I think they ruined college basketball too when they added the shot clock. (Yep I'm that old.) Tulane made basketball especially interesting with the point shaving scandal.

Sniff. Good times. Good times.

Oh! And Baseball is a very pleasant diversion for summer. I snagged me some home opening tickets for the Bravos and am really hoping Smoltz is pitching.

angels, saints and bears oh my said...

Not grew up in NO I grew up in the OC. Baseball was this beautiful old world, timeless injection into an otherwise plastic, barbie doll world. The reasons I love baseball are the reasons I love New Orleans. used to be a late fall and winter diversion to me until I moved to New Orleans and became a Saints fan. My hope is that you will never have the opportunity to fall in love with baseball. You don't need it if you have New Orleans.

Leigh C. said...

Sorry I missed ya at the Fete.

Maybe next time...

Angels, Saints, and Bears oh my said...

By the way, don't know if you have seen the most recent sports illustrated but it has a pretty cool article about global warming - not a lot of new info but it makes the topic interesting to sports fans. Anyway, it lists New Orleans and SF as two of the four areas that they say will be hardest hit by rising sea levels. Bye bye Pacbell, I mean SBC, I mean AT&T Park. My grandkids won't get to watch the third inning while simultaneously watching the sun set over the bay.
Also, in discussing how global warming is "leeching ever so slowly into the jockosphere" the first thing it mentions is that Steve Gleason of the New Orleans Saints - I believe you know his mother?? - runs his Dodge Ram pickup on processed vegetable oil-biodiesal. That guy just gets better and better. Steve Gleason, in his big ol' truck, proves that one can be eco-friendly and manly at the same time. I am inspired.

Leigh C. said...

Gleason also grows his hair long and gets it cut off regularly for Locks of Love. All hail the good sports guys!

jeffrey said...

I think the hold-up over the Superbowl has more to do with the Saints' contract with the state than anything else.

The flap over the NBA all star game is just stupid.

Mr. Melpomene said...

That was an enlightening passage. Anybody see the spaceship he came out of?